DA! FILMS is a full-service production company for television, cinema, music video, advertising, social media campaigns, and more.
 We CREATE original content, provide PRODUCTION SERVICE and COLLABORATE with talent worldwide. 
Based in Los Angeles and Kyiv, we are bringing together writers, directors, producers, production and post-production companies to connect across the continents for a seamless experience. 
Whether you want to break into the American market or tap into East European resources, DA! FILMS is uniquely qualified to serve your global needs. 

Valerie Phil is a Global Producer, Director, and Creative Director with more than 20 years of experience in advancement and excellence.

Having worked with companies from the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Russia, Japan, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Arctic Circle, and Asia, she opened DA! FILMS in Los Angeles to bridge productions across markets of Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Valerie has worked closely with acknowledged directors like Martin Campbell, Ken Loach, Roger Spottiswoode, Vadim Perelman, Matthias Zentner, Andrij Parekh, Garth Davis, Jean- Pierre Roux, Rupert Wainwright, Jake Nava, Stylewar; cinematographers like Pawel Edelman, Doug Milsome, Greg Francois, Jallo Faber, Jonathan Sela, Vilko Filac, as well as many visual and recording artists like Natalie Imbruglia, Basement Jaxx, Simon Webbe, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and many more.

Her reel counts hundreds of projects in advertising, print campaigns that received prestigious awards like Cannes Lions, Boards, Shots, FIAP, Epica, Clio, San Sebastian, The Spikes, Asia Pacific AdFest Film. Valerie has also produced a number of feature films, short films, documentaries, reality TV, and art projects.

Valerie has unique skills and can find the solutions to any task and make the impossible possible.



Born in Germany and raised in Ukraine, Serge is a self-made Cinematographer and Lighting Gaffer and a Co-Producing partner at DA! FILMS.

In the industry since his teens, Serge Svetnoy has been involved in every aspect of filmmaking’s technical side and has extensive knowledge of camera, lighting, and special rigging equipment. He represents the classical school of Cinematography using light as the medium of expression.

Serge has worked on dozens of feature films and shot hundreds of award-winning television commercials and music videos in his career. His practical knowledge of on-set production brings working solutions for every aspect of your project.

He’s proud to have partnered on-set withe Pawel Edelman, Doug Milsome, Greg Francois, Jallo Faber, Jonathan Sela, Vilko Filac, Tony Kaye, Shane Hurblutt, Andrij Parekh, Jallo Faber, Jonathan Sela, Roman Vasyanov, Robbie Ryan, Jean-Paul Seresin, Jean-Louis Vialard, Britta Mangold, Sebastian Pfaffenbichler, Ben Dolphin, Maher Maleh, Daniel Gottschalk, Franco Paroni, Serge Roman and many others.

Being a professional and easygoing person, Serge Svetnoy is a creative technician and a strong team leader who manages big sets at ease and finds new solutions for low-budget projects as well.

With years of experience in film, advertising, and tv production, Serge Svetnoy has become an authentic artist painting with light.

Bitter Harvest

Production: DA! FILMS x Radioaktivefilm
Director: George Mendeluk
DOP: Douglas Milsome
Starring: Max Irons, SamanthaBarks,
Terence Stamp, Barry Pepper, 
Aneurin Barnard, Tamer Hassan 


Production: PARK VI x Radioaktivefilm
Director: Oleg Pogodin
DOP: Antoine Vivas-Denisov
Starring: Sergey Garmash,
Bogdan Stupka, Yekaterina Rednikova

It’s a Free World

Production: Sixteen films
Director: Ken Loach
DOP: Paul Laverty
Starring: Kierston Wareing, Juliet Ellis, Leslaw Zurek
Awards: Palme D’or Festivalles de Cannes 2006,
Venezia 64 Best Screnplay 

Singularity Song

Production: DA! FILMS
Director: Rachel Mason
DOP: Halyna Hutchins
Producer: Valerie Phil
Starring: Naoyuki Oguri